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Balanced Assessment
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Please also note that the Balanced Assessment Primary & Elementary Tasks have been published by Corwin Press. The Balanced Assessment Transition & Middle School Tasks have been published by Teachers' College Press. These tasks may still be viewed in .pdf format on this website but they may not be copied or printed.

Parameters and Clusters II

Parameters and Clusters II is a mathematics assessment task from the Balanced Assessment Program.

What would you like to do?

Some facts about the task

Grade level: High School (9-12)

Content area(s): Function/Pattern

Mathematical processes: (weight of each process on a 0-4 scale)
   Modeling/formulating   3
   Transforming/manipulating   3
   Inferring/drawing conclusions   1
   Communicating   1

Task number: HS084

Last Update: 03/01/2015

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